Email me at ericthomash(at) with your project or question.

Let’s work together!

I’d love to talk about the project you’re working on.

Rates will vary depending on the project and the purpose. BIPOC and Queer folks, as well as organizations working for their liberation and empowerment, can expect discounted rates.

Voice Acting & Narration

Do you have a project and need a voiceover? Looking for a narrator for an audiobook? I’m happy to discuss a wide variety of narration, voice over, and voice acting needs.

For most small projects, I charge a per-finished-hour rate between $130-$400. The biggest impact on this price will be:

  • Jargon/technical language (the more I have to look up and research pronunciation, the more prep goes into the recording).
  • Character voices (number, complexity…).

I’m also happy to discuss a royalty share arrangement.

Audio Production, Communications, and Policy

I will quote most of these projects per labor hour rate with a high and low estimate for the amount of time. Per hour rates will typically be between $40-$80.